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Insurance and Disaster Cleanup Sanitizing

Unforeseen incidents can have serious ramifications on the health and cleanliness of your commercial facility. If you're dealing with flooding, water damage, or leakage, there is a quick, simple, and effective solution to prevent further damage to your health. Germinator Amarillo features a powerful ozone, heating and convection system that can dry and sanitize items that have been affected by water damage or flooding. Many items that become wet can take days or even weeks to dry, creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Most of the time, these items will smell musty.

Germinator Amarillo not only has the ability to dry these items in a matter of hours, it will eliminate any contamination and odors that may take place as a result of the items becoming damp or wet. This can save you thousands in furniture and rug replacement.

It can be hard to recover when unexpected and unpredictable incidents occur. When disaster strikes, don't be slow to act. Fill out the form below to restore a sanitary commercial space for your employees and customers, today!