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Toy Sanitizing

Looking for a professional toy sanitizing service? Germinator Amarillo employs an ultramodern technology for safely sanitizing toys and other items. Germinator Amarillo is the top choice for toy sanitizing in the United States. Our innovative technology is a revolution in toy sanitizing, and it can disinfect almost any item. Our toy sanitizing service is most often needed for day care facilities, hospitals, health care providers, and residential homes. Conveniently, all toys are sanitized on-location in only 30-60 minutes.

We have the most advanced equipment in the toy sanitizing industry. Our mobile sanitizing technology is driven by ozone and heat. Ozone is a naturally occurring compound that can both safely and easily sanitize toys and other items.

Our toy sanitizing service can help stop the spread of illness when multiple children are using the same toys. It eliminates harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses. It also destroys odors, leaving toys sanitized and clean smelling.

When you contact Germinator Amarillo for your toy sanitizing service, The Germinator will come to your location. Our sanitizing experts will gently place your toys into The Germinator, where they will be disinfected in just 30-60 minutes. Toys and any other items will be sealed into The Germinator. After 1-2 cycles, all toys will be virtually bacteria free. Once your toy sanitizing has finished, our specialists will unload all the toys and put them back in their original location in your workplace or home.

If you need a speedy, comprehensive toy sanitizing service that will come directly to your office or home, fill out the form below to contact Germinator Amarillo, or give us a call at (806) 367-8653, today!