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University/College Sanitizing

Each year college campuses are plagued with a multitude of contagious diseases such as H1N1, Hand Foot & Mouth disease, Mumps, Mono, Meningitis, and Norovirus. There are a number of reasons why these diseases are spread. Some of them are unsanitary living quarters, such as campus housing, unsanitary common areas like bathrooms, dining halls and campus centers, unsanitary transportation such as campus busing and un-sanitized learning areas such as classrooms and libraries. Even though these areas might be cleaned on a daily basis by a cleaning staff, there is rarely a protocol for sanitation for these areas.

Some of the negative effects of campus outbreaks include student, faculty members, and campus personnel absenteeism, fast spread of the virus, bad publicity for the university, and a great financial loss.

Hidden Campus Dangers
  • Campus Housing: Residence hall rooms are the least sanitized spaces on campus because students rarely clean or sanitize their living space. The mattress is the item that is least likely to be ever cleaned but is the place where students spend most of the time.
  • Campus Busing: Campus buses are often crowded spaces that are ideal for germ spreading. One ill person can easily infect dozens of other students on a crowded bus. Many germs can live up to 30 days on a surface and can be easily transferred when touched. Poles and seats are in constant hand contact with riders, making buses the ideal place to harbor bacteria. Even though buses may be cleaned up frequently, they do not have a regular disinfecting protocol.
  • University Restrooms: Restroom germ transfer is prevalent due to poor hand washing. Door handles, faucets, and stall handles harbor large amounts of bacteria. Grout and tiled bathroom floors are a breeding ground for biological waste, which is why bathrooms require deeper sanitization than most spaces.
  • Dining Halls: Dining halls are a hotbed for food born illnesses. Many cases of Noroviruses originate in the dining halls. Improper sanitizing protocols especially around food stations leads to rapid bacteria transfer.

What can universities do to help prevent & deal with outbreaks?
To prevent outbreaks in universities you should have a comprehensive sanitization protocol for all common areas and living quarters. This protocol should include:
  • Disinfection of common pathogens responsible for outbreaks.
  • Utilization of equipment and chemicals that are safe for humans.
  • Methodology that results in accurate application.
  • Lasting effectiveness with the use of a safe microbial barrier treatment.

Germinator Mobile Sanitizing is the best solution

Germinator provides a safe, natural and sustainable methodology to creating a safer and healthier environment at universities for students and faculty. We are equipped to work efficiently and effectively so that results are virtually instantaneous to application. Thanks to a proprietary system, we are able to offer an unrivaled method for providing a safe, green solution to battle on campus illnesses.

Prevent and attack outbreaks with Germinator Mobile Sanitizing

  • Phase 1: Utilizing electrostatic technology for pinpoint coverage, we apply a natural disinfecting process known as "Genesis." We call it Genesis because it means a new beginning, a fresh start without harmful germs. It's 100% safe to apply around humans and pets and has proven effective in as little as 30 seconds.
  • Phase 2: Utilizing the same electrostatic technology, we apply our microbial barrier known as "Shield" to all surfaces. Shield is an invisible bio-barrier for continued protection to make surfaces uninhabitable for germs to survive for extended periods. Shield is 100% safe for humans and pets.

Why Use Germinator Mobile Sanitizing

Germinator Mobile Sanitizing is a strong sanitizing program that helps you avoid suffering from illness, significantly reduces missed classes, reduces financial losses due to absenteeism, shows students and parents that you are going the extra mile to protect them, reduces chances of negative publicity for the school from outbreaks, and gives you a revenue share plan that can be a strong profit center.

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